Mission DFE

DFE Chemie GmbH is a company of the DFE Group with headquarters in Düsseldorf and other locations in the European Union. In 2013, a branch office was also opened in Shanghai to further expand the company's activities in the important Chinese market.

The core business is the development, production and distribution of chemical products in the field of surface treatment. In particular, corrosion inhibitors of the FEPORID® range make an important contribution to economically and ecologically sustainable pickling of steel.

What drives us

"We burn for progress and improve lives!"

This is the mission according to which we think, live and act at DFE.

The development of new products, the selection of projects, the structuring of corporate processes, the recruitment of new employees, the relationships with customers and suppliers - all this is aligned and focused on this mission.

And the focus is always on long-term customer benefit!