Workshop with external consultants DFE develops a picture of the company's future

Düsseldorf, January 2020

At the beginning of the year, DFE's management team met to put a very special project into action: The development of a picture of the company's future!

How should DFE work in a few years' time? How will the company operate in a globalised world? Is there a mission statement, a vision and a long-term strategy? How does the company want to be perceived by employees, customers and partners? What unites the people at DFE and what drives them together? Why do people put their creativity, strength and performance at the service of the company?

To clarify these questions, the workshop looked at the company's history so far, as well as the character of the company, the company values, and last but not least, the purpose and mission of the company.

All of this flowed into the result: An image of the future of the company, which should trigger enthusiasm and make people want to look forward to that future!